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House of Desire is an electronic music channel, specialized to Soundcloud, which shares music from all over the World.
Our goal is to represent quality house music by sharing what interests us and hopes that we will create new fans and reaching more people who will support that contents what we posting.

In the other hand we are doing professional masterings to labels and individual artists aswell.


Pro Audio Software we use: Ableton , Logic Pro , Waves , Izotope


Pro Audio Mastering Equipments we use: Focusrite , Alesis , Yamaha , Shure 


Stereo Master - single track: 20€

 *Deliver the song as one mixed down audio track.


Stereo Master - 5 to 10 tracks: 15€ per track

 *Deliver between 5 to 10 tracks and you can get a discount price on mastering.


Steam Master - 40€

 *Deliver the song as 8 or less individual audio tracks, usually separate track for each instrument.


Analog Mixdown & Mastering - single track: 100€

 *Deliver the song in completely individual tracks, usually separate track for each instruments/drums.


MP3 Conversion - 1€ per track

 *We convert the master to MP3 file for you.




• All tracks needs to delivered in WAV or AIF format with sample rate of 44.1Khz or higher, and a bit depth of 16, or 24


IMPORTANT: premasters needs to be sent without any EQ, compressor and limiter plugs on the master channel! Please leave at least -3DB of headroom volume (more is better) on your master channel when you export/bounce it.


Urgent master: if you need the master to be done in less then 3 days you need to pay x1.5 money at the listed prices above


• Prices are without VAT.










Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to request a mastering service.

All videos and songs posted on this website are for promotional use only. If you like what you hear, please support the artists by buying the track and attending their live shows. If you would like material removed or added please contact us at and it will be put up or taking down immediately.

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